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Rebecca Dalton gets ‘Spun Out’ with Dave Foley

This article came from Toronto Sun, written by Bill Harris.

Nepotism always is funny to a certain degree. But Rebecca Dalton is in the unique position of having benefited from nepotism both in real life and in sitcom life.

In the new series Spun Out, which debuts with episodes on back-to-back nights, Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 7 on CTV, Dalton plays a keener employee at a public-relations firm named Stephanie Lyons. The complication is, Stephanie is the daughter of boss Dave Lyons, played by Dave Foley.

“I actually worked for my dad before, when I was probably 16, and I have to be honest, the job security is great,” Dalton said. “I kind of bound up these pamphlets they printed, and things like that. We did tags for tomatoes, so I had to pop tags out of these papers for three days straight.

“But I’d always ask to leave early, and I’d sleep in and show up late, you know, I was a lazy teenager. And my dad was exactly like Dave (in Spun Out), he’d just say, ‘It’s okay, sweetie, don’t worry.’”

The key difference for Dalton’s Stephanie character in Spun Out is that she is not a blase high schooler, but rather a desperately ambitious would-be PR professional. It’s just unfortunate that she knows absolutely nothing about PR.

“Stephanie knows how it looks being the boss’ daughter, so she wants to try that much harder,” Dalton explained. “But she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

“Stephanie always is throwing out ideas, she’s not afraid to put out her ideas. The problem is, they’re always really stupid ideas. Everyone is just like, ‘Shhhh, Stephanie, be quiet, the big people are talking.’ But she doesn’t give up.”

Besides Foley and Dalton as the father-daughter team at the heart of Spun Out, the series also stars Paul Campbell, Al Mukadam, J.P. Manoux, Darcy Michael and Holly Deveaux. Everyone works at the PR firm except Deveaux’s character, who is the roommate and ex-girlfriend of Campbell’s character.

Review-wise, I’d say that the core cast of Spun Out definitely has promising comedic chemistry. I’m not sure the show needs quite as many regular characters as it has, and the goofiest ones maybe need to be reined in a touch. Plus there are some aggressive guest-star appearances starting with the second episode.

Moving forward, I just hope Spun Out doesn’t get tricked up too much with its wider cast and distracting guest stars, before the value of the core cast is investigated fully, if you know what I mean. They may have a little something here, but it needs to breathe.

For Dalton, she’s just trying to make Stephanie both funny and likeable, even though the highest-strung characters in sitcoms often are foils rather than heroes.

“I don’t know how you couldn’t cheer for Stephanie,” Dalton said. “She’s really innocent and sweet. She understands she’s the boss’ daughter and she wants to be taken very seriously.

“But people just shut her down immediately. The comedy comes from the fact she always is being shut down, right in her face, even by her father.”

Ah, the complexities of nepotism. Always amusing, be it for real or for fun.